Saturday, September 22, 2012

31st Anniversary

Hari ni adalah hari jadi ku..hari jadi yang ke 31...sekejap je kan masa berlalu...sedar tak sedar dah masuk 31 dah...memang tak rasa pun dah masuk 31...tapi like it or not, masa tetap berdetik dan berlalu pergi..

So now I am still in Shah Alam, at Wok's place..actually it is a kind of escapism, trying to run away from a prank Birthday Party that I think a lot of out there just wait the time to simbah me with tepong..hhahha nice nice nice...tapi sejauh mana nak lari aku rasa nanti aku tetap akan kena....tak kot? haha ok lets see..hope by the time I get back to KT things are normal..hahhaah

So I still receiving a lot of Birthday notifications from is 99 wishes and still counting..wah! great...99 persons had wished happy birthday to me love it!

My Birthday Cake, I received it two days earlier from my dear friend and guru, Raymond..thanks for the lovely cake! 
to be continue.....

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