Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Always Remember to Look Deep Inside Your Heart

ada sesuatu yang terjadi pada petang tadi..sebenarnya aku tak nak pun tulis dalam ni supaya aku tak ingat pasal ni selama-lamanya..tapi tak pe la..biarkan ia menjadi pengajaran pada aku sendiri...

Ia mengenai hati dan perasaan.  Bila kita menaruh harapan pada seseorang and we put so much trust on him and we try to accommodate almost his/her needs, what we need at the end of the day is not money as to pay back to what we have provided.

So ask me again, what can you do to pay my kindness, generosity and sincerity? Nothing, right? Nor have I ever mentioned that one day please pay me back! No and never.  All I need is you and your time with me..if this is too much for you, then ok. You decide what is the best for you.

You know how much have I cried for you? Sometimes I cry when I miss you so much, sometimes, I cry when I think about you and sometimes I cry when you sad, even when you sick.  But you never know about this.  And I feel so sorry when someone play fool on you and when someone just left you alone.  And most of the time I lend my shoulder for you to cry on!  I've listened to all of your story just to understand you.  I remember everything about you, your story, your likes and your dislikes and sometimes I pretend that I forgot most of your stories just to tease you.  And finally I am drowning in my own  feeling. 

Please appreciate people around you, especially those who loves you so much and those who cares about you so much.  As I wrote this posting, I have mix feeling inside of me, part of me laugh part of me cry and part of me wants to question why.  I wish that I can be me again, but I can't anymore...and it is just too painful to talk about it and I just trapped in you.
A lot of people out there that may want to have the life that you living in, they may want to go to places that you went, dine at diner they never thought about it and some may want to experience happiness you going through.  So please be grateful to everything that you have and please think again, how lucky you are.  I'm not telling that I am your saving grace, the one who gives lives and everything to you, but just to tell how much I appreciate and love you.  Thats all.

Before I end this writing, I need to tell you that dont take me for granted coz you never know you may might lose me and you never get the chance to tell how you really feel.  And please remember someday, when you have no one by your side, think again and please remember this:

 Who's gonna love you when
It all falls down, and
Who's gonna love you when
Your bankroll runs out
Who's gonna care when the novelty's over
When the star of the
Show isn't you anymore
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
Fall down...
Nobody cares when the tears of a clown
Fall down
 But I guess you wouldn't know
That's the way I roll
Consequently now your ego's fully
You don't want the world to know
That you're just a puppet show
And the little boy inside
Often sits at home alone
And cries, cries, cries, cries
(Boo hoo. Who?)


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